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    Dawet Ayu

    Delicious and sweet dawet ayu that will make your tongue dance

    The original recipe of the traditional beverage Banjarnegara regencies in Central Java province is already very well known that Dawet Ayu. Dawet ayu not only looks beautiful because of many colors but also because it tastes very delicious. Dawet Ayu can you serve ice dawet dawet ayu or warm without ice. Ice dawet very suitable ayu you to enjoy during the day as relieving thirst are refreshed when the sun began to heat the earth. Right now there's even dawet black creations that a named black Dawet. Although it has many variations ana dawet but delicacy Dawet original Ayu remain unbeaten. Glance dawet does look the same, but after we feel certainly very noticeable difference in taste. If dawet ayu made of rice flour and sago palm flour so dawet ayu feels soft, and Amoh (soft) when chewed. Meanwhile, if the original Banjarnegara dawet ayu not usually made from rice flour and mixed with starch so that the results dawetnya soft but a little hard to chew because chewy.

    Supplementary materials for dawet ayu is coconut milk and brown sugar mixed with the dawet, creating dawet ayu fresh and delicious. All people are guaranteed like this traditional drink. You can see the seller Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara at home complex, food stalls, traditional cuisine restaurant, school, etc. But if you want to make your own for a big event like a social gathering, a celebration or just relax with the family, even for iftar menu drinks menu of course is very suitable. After we shared a recipe Nasi Bakar Teri in the previous article, now we will share the recipe Dawet original Ayu Banjarnegara fresh and delicious. These drinks can be served with ice or hot water, depending on your taste and atmosphere. Composition of rice flour and sago palm flour is equipped with a mixture of coconut milk and brown sugar make dawet ayu feels soft and soft when chewed. Surely you must try the traditional drink Banjarnegara this one. If you are visiting Banjarnegara not hurt you taste the typical drink this one. You also can make it at home for a casual friend, treat guests, or as a special treat menu feast.

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    Chilli Crab

    Chili Crab delicious seafood dish for special even

    Chilli Crab is something that is always there and never miss the presentation of the food. Chilli Crab is a complementary dish while eating. It is not complete and incomplete when eating combined with Chilli Crabl. Chilli Crab, that's what we will present in this article. Chilli Crab is a sauce that is typical of the Minangkabau region. The famous sauce with extra flavor spicy and definitely always there in every home eating desert. Chilli Crab is not only used as a flavoring in every cuisine spicy desert, but this sauce can also be used as special food such as fried crispy and other delicious food. For those of you who do not know about how to make Chilli Crab this field.

    If you are a seafood culinary connoisseur, surely you are familiar with crab in oyster sauce. The menu this one is one of the superior menu of culinary venues that are on the edge of the beach. Call it japan and cities that are other seashores. Posted price also varies, there are cheap and even some are very expensive. Actually, how to cook Chilli Crab, oyster sauce is very easy. Only required a willingness to try new things. Especially for those of you who have not been cooking kepeting this oyster sauce. For mothers, knowledge of how to cook Chilli Crab this is something important. Chilli Crab is an animal that belongs to the class of ten-legged animals. These animals can live in two worlds, namely on land and on water, but crab usually lives in water. Crabs have several characteristics among which has very hard shell and two claws are very sharp. Chilli Crab have meat that is not too much but has a very nice feel and this time the crab will be made in the form of a very tasty dish that is spicy crab oyster sauce.

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